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Are you interested in horseback riding lessons?

Book Your horseback trail ride at Millbrook Trail Rides!

Instead of the costly investment take a horseback ride at Millbrook Trail Ride and experience horsing riding during a great family adventure. No long term commitment! Handle a horse first hand with no experience necessary. Our horses are handled with great care, and are relaxed working with children and adults. Horses are animals, we ask you to not yell, hurt, or endanger our horses in anyway. We hope to provide the very best time during your horse riding experience with our guide Meredith and crew.

We offer a great horseback riding option for the entire family, sunset horseback rides, group horseback rides, and corporate horseback trail rides for a fun outdoor activity. We make it easy and hassle free. Enjoy the great outdoors, and let your hair down. Get on a horse, and let your worries drift away. Looking for horseback riding lessons? We don't offer lessons, but we can provide a great horse riding trail adventure without breaking the bank.

Contact Millbrook Trail Rides for your next great outdoor horseback riding experience Chicago! 

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